Thursday, November 18, 2010

Volume 2: 05 - Beyond the Islet

Beyond the islet
At the entrance to the Bay
We were astonished
To see countless multitudes
Of seabirds, gulls, and others
Which rose like a cloud
Into the Air
Disturbed by our approach

Deafened us
By their wild and screaming cries.
What could be the
Great Attraction
For the swarm of feathered Fowl?
It proved to be a monstrous fish
On whose flesh these multitudes of birds
Were ravenously feeding.
It was extraordinary to watch
The ferocity, envy, gluttony,
And all manner of evil passions
Exhibited among the guests
At this Banquet.
pgs 41 & 42
Swiss Family Robinson
by Johann Wyss
Altered by Sasheena Kurfman 2010

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