Sunday, October 24, 2010

37 - The Corridor

I pursued my way
through this vaulted cave
or corridor, which,
presently turning,
opened into a very lonely bay,
so calm and lake-like,
although of considerable size.

It's shores, beyond the rocky boundary
through which I penetrated
extended in fertile plains
towards what seemed
the mouth of a river
beyond which  lay rough
and probably marshy ground,
and a dense forest of cedars
which closed the view.

The water beneath me
was clear as crystal
an, gazing into its depths and shallows
I perceived beds of shell-fish
like large oysters,
attached to the rocks
and to each other
by tufts of hair filaments.

pg 242 - 243
Swiss Family Robinson
by Johann Wyss
Altered by Sasheena Kurfman 2010

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