Tuesday, October 26, 2010

39 - Cachalot

Our beautiful little yacht
bounded over the water gaily
Bright sunshine and a delicious sea-breeze
Putting us in high spirits.

The Archway was in sight
when suddenly
I saw a dark and shadowy mass
a catastrophe seemed inevitable!

We surged ahead, the danger passed!
Where but a moment
before I had distinctly seen
a great green shadow - Nothing!

And a great black body
emerged from the sea,
from the upper extremity rushed
a column of water,
which, with a mighty noise,
rose upward.

The mystery explained
as the great beast emerged
yet further from the water,
i recognized, from its enormous size
and great length of head
the cachalot!

Apparantly enraged, the monster
meditated a rush upon us
savage temper apparantly
lashing the water violently for a few seconds
plunged beneath the surface
and disappeared.

pg 254 - 255
Swiss Family Robinson
by Johann Wyss
Altered by Sasheena Kurfman 2010

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